Day 35 – Santiago de Compostela to Madrid

It began as another rainy day in Galicia.

The Pilgrim’s Mass is at noon and I so wanted to attend. A fellow pilgrim told me to arrive at the cathedral an hour ahead to insure a seat. I did that and his advice was golden. I got a seat on the aisle in the fourth row of the west side of the altar.

The mass was so moving, when I heard the priest announce a “Peregrina from Arizona”, I was brought to tears, my efforts were recognized.

Truthfully I cried through most of the mass. Santiago has me crying more than I’ve cried in a long time. I was lucky to see the butofumerio swing. The smell of the incense brought me right back to my childhood and midnight mass at Christmas.



After the mass, I took a taxi to the airport, caught my flight to sunny Madrid, and am now sitting in my hotel for the night.

I make my way to the States tomorrow at 11:35 am. My daughter-in-law and my grandchildren will be collecting me in Newark Liberty Airport and I will spend the rest of the week with my family, both sons and their wonderful wives and my grandbabies.

Thanks to all of my blog followers and friends for the support and encouraging words you provided while I have been on the Way. I am truly blessed with your love and friendship, thank you.

And now I ask you, could a woman want for more?

12 responses to “Day 35 – Santiago de Compostela to Madrid

  1. Hi Arlene – ah Madrid! Such a city full of life. Safe travels back tomorrow. I hope the knee handles the journey ok. You are blessed, but you deserve to be.



  2. Congratulations Arlene ! We’re so proud of you. I looked forward each day to reading your blog. It was certainly an amazing journey. Enjoy your time with your family and looking forward to seeing you back in AZ. The weather is finally cooling down.


  3. Arlene, congratulations again. I broke out a nice bottle of Rioja to toast your many successes–until I can do so with you. Enjoy the special time with your family.


  4. Arlene, I do believe you have had a life changing pilgrimage. I interpret this by your words and the pride in yourself comes through. This was a very moving post. So proud of you!
    Have a great trip home and enjoy your family!
    XO Tami


  5. Congratulations Arlene, what a wonderful adventure to be able to share with your whole family. It is such an emotional moment at the pilgrims’s mass, and seeing the botufumeiro swing caps it off. Enjoy your achievement. Peter


  6. Couldn’t be more proud of my good friend! An inspiration to all. Haven’t heard you this happy or positive in a long time. Makes my heart happy!
    Love, Jude


  7. Yes, the pilgrim mass is certainly a moving experience. The botufumiera is certainly an incredible finale which cannot be forgotten.
    Safe travels home Arlene. Hopefully you will have time to reflect on your Camino and the impact on your life.
    Blessings and prayers


  8. Thats beautiful Arlene, you are truly blessed and congratulations on your completion! Mike and I were both moved.


  9. Beautiful, Arlene!! Well done!


  10. What a moving experience. Enjoy your family and safe travels home. Nancy Martinez


  11. Elizabeth Marshall

    What a wonderful way to end a beautiful journey.

    A woman cannot ask for than that…..



  12. Dear Alene, enjoy your time with the family and at home reflecting on this amazing journey. Will look forward to you popping up on the PGS blog 🙂


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