Preparations for My Next Camino – Solo Hike

I’m still looking for a walking/hiking partner to make my prep work for the next Camino more fun.  My quest has been fruitless so far.  So after much prodding from my son, this morning I decided to stick my toe in the water and give it a go alone.

I filled my hydration bladder, pulled the end caps off my trekking poles, put the trail map in my pocket, got into the car and drove to the trailhead.  I decided to walk a trail in the Saguaro National Park East, the Mica View Trail.  20130228_mica trail 9There was a sign-up sheet at the trailhead, I signed and started my hike.

20130228_mica trail 6This trail was very flat, winding through the desert to a picnic area in the park.  I arrived at the picnic area and decided to continue walking further.  When I arrived at Cactus Forest Drive, I walked for a short distance on the pavement before turning around.

On my return trip, I saw a dead hawk or falcon just off trail, his body still was intact with feathers but his skull was exposed.  I suppose either he had decomposed with feathers remaining or he was a meal for another predator.

Yes, the desert can be dangerous, but it was not dangerous for me today.  I have not yet purchased a GPS system, so my guesstimate of mileage is 3.5 miles.  Just an out and back, but I think a good start for solo hiking.

20130228_mica trailI again signed the sheet with my end time.  One hour of hiking.  My fear of solo hiking was crazy (at least in the Saguaro National Park) I encountered more people hiking than I encounter when I go to the grocery store.

One response to “Preparations for My Next Camino – Solo Hike

  1. ornery woman walking

    You are still more brave than I would ever be. I couldn’t walk that alone without crying. Good Job!


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