Camino de Santiago de Compostela – Update (Part X)

This week was fun!  I hiked a few trails in the Saguaro National Park with my friend.  The first trail entailed climbing up the Rincon Mountains on the Douglas Spring Trail.

We didn’t complete this trail because of the steep climb on the side of the mountain which was all rock.  We both decided to turn around and try it again another time.  I personally would like to accomplish this complete ascent because it is much the same elevation as the first day of the Camino in the Pyrenees.  I figure if I can master this climb, I won’t have trouble with the Way from St. Jean to Roncesvalles.

Another hike we took in the same park a couple of days later took us around and up and down the foothills.  We were out for about 2 ½ hours, the sights were great and the day was absolutely beautiful.

I have been testing out the clothing I purchased for the Camino.  I’m not happy with the convertible pants or the tee shirts I purchased but I love the Smart Wool socks.

The pants are from Columbia Sportswear and were described as lightweight and wicking.  Lightweight, yes but wicking, NOT.  In fact, they are very warm when I’m wearing them – kind of makes me feel damp.  The shirt on the other hand is extremely wicking, I don’t feel warm or damp at all, but oh it is quite odoriferous when I take it off.  That is not going to be good on the Camino.  I don’t want to be stinking like an old goat.

The socks are fabulous.  They do not get damp and they do not hold any odor.  The description for the socks says they are anti-blistering also, I can’t comment on that because I believe if your shoes don’t fit right or are not broken in then you might get blisters.  I hope I am right on that one or if not, the socks’ claim is correct.

I have ordered a merino wool tee-shirt from Smart Wool.  Their claim is lightweight, wicking and not odor holding.  When it arrives I’ll check it out, my hopes are high because I am so happy with their socks.

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