Welcome 2012

Well, here we are – January 1, 2012!

Last year was a year full of lessons for me.  I learned to be more honest with myself – honest in my feelings about my home here in the desert; honest about the relationships I had in the past and honest about the relationships that are current.  I began looking at where I want my life to proceed and the people I hope will continue to walk alongside me on my life’s path.

In June of last year I met a lady who turned out to be very influential by helping me put into perspective things that are and are not important in my life.  One of the things she taught me is to ask the question of myself  in relationships with others “Who am I in this relationship?” If I can’t answer that I am at least an equal, the relationship is not good nor is it healthy and it needs to either be changed or ended.

The other thing she told me was that I am in Arizona for a purpose – the light, the open spaces and the lightning – and that my art will become noticed.   She told me I am entering a time in my life when the world will begin to notice me.  Shortly after speaking with her, I received a commission for a large mosaic sunrise and another for a smaller framed mosaic for a neighbor’s mother-in-law.  Both of these commissions were completed in December.  I believe more commissioned work will follow.

  • New friendships have developed for me this past year.  Some friendships have ended while some old friendships have been re-kindled.
  • I have plans to walk the Camino de Santiago this upcoming August and September.
  • I have picked up my brushes and oil paints this past year and  began painting once again.  I am currently copying some of my favorite paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.
  • I’ve worked with my son (the mountain bike racer) securing him cycling sponsorships.  This effort paid off well, Mike is now sponsored by Tomac Bikes, Schwalbe Tires and GU Nutritional Products.
  • Plans are being developed to partner with a fellow artist and to open a working gallery where we can work and sell our art.

In short, I’m very hopeful for 2012.  I honestly believe it is time to let the good times roll!

Happy New Year to all my followers and may your year also be filled with wonderment.

One response to “Welcome 2012

  1. I am more than happy for you Arlene!! Seems things are falling in to place for you and Arizona is not looking so bad right night. Meeting that lady has opened up the flood gates for you it seems in many ways and areas. People come into your life for a reason and things happen for a reason, so it is as its meant to be I think.
    I told a close friend of mine about your walking the Camino De Santiago – for I know it is something my friend would be interested in doing too, but she cannot take that time off from work to do it, nor cannot afford to. I am totally impressed with your endeavor and can’t wait to see and hear of your completion.
    Your art work is being recognized and applauded, and that too makes me happy for you…………you are where you are meant to be, both physically, mentally and artistically I feel. I wish you all the very best and please keep me up to date…………………….


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