So This Is Christmas

I sit here writing and the temperature outside is hovering around 80 degrees. 

 Yesterday, I helped a friend pick out a live Christmas tree and get it back home, where the fun began.  It looked like a Laurel and Hardy skit as the two of us tried to seat the tree properly into the tree stand.  We tried and tried, but the damn tree just wouldn’t stand straight and firmly in the stand.  Eventually my friend decided that we should remove the tree from the stand, lay it on the cocktail table and hammer the stand onto the tree (there were spikes in the bottom of the stand for the tree bottom).  The only problem with this plan was that someone had stolen her hammer.  She finally came up with an implement that she could use as a “hammer”.

 Okay, the tree is now standing securely in its stand, she adds water and we head out to her patio, me with a glass of wine and she with a bourbon and soda.  No, this can’t be the Christmas Season.  Where are the chilling temperatures?  Where is the snow?  How is it that we are sitting outside on the patio at 7:30 in the evening on December 11th 2010?

 I had been planning on also buying a live tree but after seeing the problem that we had getting her tree in the stand and all the pine needles that were on the floor (I’m a bit obsessive about tidiness), I decided on an artificial tree – they don’t shed or require watering.  So after I finished my second glass of wine, I headed home to hunt on-line for an appropriate Christmas tree.

I decided on a White 7.5 foot Pencil pre-lit Christmas tree.  I love – you can get everything and anything you desire and it can be shipped as quickly as you choose.  My tree should be arriving between Tuesday and Friday of this week.  I’m excited!  The tree will be up and decorated before next Sunday when I am having a Holiday Wine and Cheese gathering. 

But before then, I will be shopping for decorations for the tree.  I think it will be decorated completely in the color red.  Red poinsettias, red ribbons, red beaded garland and red holiday Christmas balls.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

2 responses to “So This Is Christmas

  1. Love the tree! Post a pic after decorated. Thanks for the B’day card. Loved it.
    Could see the two of you now wrestling the tree! Never a dull time with Judee.
    Liquor always makes the tree trimming better! Toast to future Christmases in cooler climates…….xo


  2. Tami – I must say, it was quite a site! You should have been there with us, missed you kiddo.


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