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Camino de Santiago de Compostela – Update (Part XI) or Late Winter/Early Spring Training Camp

With the end of March another Late Winter/Early Spring Training Camp has ended for the mountain bikers in the family.  I drove Mike to the airport this past Tuesday morning.  Every year when Mike and Jocelyn go back home I am left feeling sad and lonely for my family.  One of my biggest pleasures is to have the kids here staying with me even though they are busy for the better part of each day.  It is so nice to be able to sit down to dinner with family.  I wish I didn’t live so far from both my sons and their families.

My Smart Wool tee-shirt arrived this week.  I used it on my walk this morning.  So far it seems pretty good.  It was definitely wicking; I didn’t feel the slightest bit soggy.  And with the temperatures here in Arizona being 85 degrees, the shirt did not become stinky.  Yay, I think I found a great tee-shirt!  Now I will order another Smart Wool short-sleeved tee-shirt and a long-sleeved shirt to take with me on the Camino.

Tim, a fellow Camino Forum member sent me a link for a lightweight sleeping bag.  I went on the website and ordered a down sleeping bag and a small down pillow. (A girl shouldn’t have to give up all luxuries while on Camino, should she?)  These items have been shipped but have not yet arrived, hopefully they will be delivered during the upcoming week.

But here’s the rub – since the link was for a Canadian company, I had to pay a “foreign country transaction fee”.  It’s only Canada for heaven’s sake; I can see a transaction fee for Europe or Asia, but Canada?  Herein lies the quandary – while on the Camino, I was planning to bring my Visa card to use as back-up.  Does the bank ever waive these “foreign country transaction fees”?  And if not, is there a credit card that does not charge the transaction fees?

Looks like I’ve got some research ahead of me.