Another Year – Another Change

As I have just completed another decade in my life, the realization of life being too short is hitting me straight on. Many things run through my mind such as:

  • Will there be enough time for me to accomplish all on my bucket list?;
  • Will there be enough money to accomplish those things?;
  • Will I be able to maintain good enough health to do so?

Since I have recovered from my fractured knee, I have been building up my daily exercise. I have purchased a new treadmill and stationary bicycle because the weather in the northeastern part of the United States is not conducive to daily outdoor training. I am now up to walking for 45 minutes on a 250 foot incline and cycling for 30 minutes daily on the third level of resistance.

I was saddened with the fact I was not cleared by my orthopedic doctor to walk a Camino this year. So in true Taurus fashion, I am bound and determined to be trained sufficiently to walk a Camino in the Spring of 2019.

But back to the original thoughts ~~~~~~~~ I have decided to sell my house in New Jersey.  I will be moving back to Tucson, Arizona where the sun always shines and the cost of living is so much lower than here in the Garden State.

My realtor is my daughter-in-law, Heather Montalbano, and my house will be listed this week by her on the MLS. If you might be interested you can contact her at  My home is located in Stanhope, New Jersey.

Please wish me luck in selling and with my move back to the sunshine!