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AZT – Passage 10 – Redington Road to Italian Trap

  • Distance – 5 miles / 8.05 kilometers
  • Elevation Gain – 400 feet / 121.91 meters
  • Elevation Loss – unknown feet / unknown meters
  • Average Temperature – 75° F / 23.89° C
  • Total Mileage – 162.05 miles / 271.8 kilometers

Since it was only Scree Slider and me this past Sunday for the hike, we decided to finish up the little section of Passage 10 that remained.

The drive up Redington Road from Tucson is quite the challenge.  From approximately mile 3 of Redington Road to the trailhead at mile 12.08, the road is a very rough, deeply rutted, unmaintained dirt road not suitable for a passenger vehicle.  Thankfully, Lova drives a truck so we are able to get to these remote trailheads.

We drove very slowly up the mountain for what seemed like hours.  At one point we decided we must have missed the trailhead and decided to turn around to have a better look.  Sure enough, we had driven about a mile past the trailhead!

So, now we are at the place where Passage 10 crosses over Redington Road.  We have already completed the long section from this point to Gordon Hirabayashi Prison Camp.  All that remains is for us to hike to Italian Trap and back to complete the passage – we are ready to begin.20151108_094439

For some reason my Garmin fenix3 is not showing me the course.  Hmm, I try again.  Still no luck – I had just the day before applied an update to the fenix3, oh well, hoping the trail is straight forward and not too impossible to follow we forge ahead.

DSCN2381_1898The trail was overgrown with grasses, as have been all the trails we have recently hiked, but thanks to the many mountain bikers, the grasses were trampled down.  Naturally the vistas were stupendous, as they have been on every passage of the AZT we have hiked so far.DSCN2393_1910When we reached Italian Trap, our turn around point, we stopped to take pictures and to chat with two mountain bikers.  Since my son, Mike is a mountain biker, I always have something to chat with cyclists about.  Lova was wearing a Pitt tee-shirt; the cyclist on the right had graduated from Pitt so they had something to chat about as well.  DSCN2396_1913We walked on a bit further down a dirt road looking for a sight of ruins the cyclists told us about but were unable to find it.  And without the track-back ability of the Garmin, I was uncomfortable with bushwhacking any further.

So we turned around and returned to trailhead.  I shot this little video on our way back, I think it shows how windy it was that day.

Once back in the truck, we had a long, slow ride back to town.  We decided to stop in our favorite little Japanese Restaurant, Ichiban for some Vegetable Yaki Soba and a Sapporo to celebrate the completion of Passage 10.