Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 0

Well, the day has arrived and I am finalizing the last things on my list.

  • Suitcase packed and weighed – check
  • Daypack, my carry-on, ready to go – check
  • Eticket accessible along with passport – check
  • Home Security tested and armed – check

All the other preparatory items had been checked off the list before as they did not require last-minute handling.

I await my ride to the airport as I finish up several household chores. I will soon be in the air on my way to the beautiful city of Porto to meet up with this tour’s Peregrinos. I am sure this will be a special tour on the Camino as we will be experiencing Semana Santa along the way.

I was on a friend’s tour of the Camino Portuguese in 2014 when I first experienced the wonders of Semana Santa.  We Americans do not celebrate Holy Week as the Spanish do, truly it is the most festive time with processions and celebrations in all the towns and cities in Spain.  We will be arriving in Santiago on Easter Saturday and will enjoy all the festivities leading up to the celebration of the Mass on Easter Sunday in the Cathedral.

So please check into the blog to see some of the beautiful food we will be eating as well as to track our progress from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Of course there will be photos of the journey as well 🙂

A preview of the coast in Portugal

7 responses to “Camino de Gastronomía Portuguesa y Gastronomía  Española – Day 0

  1. Judee Bradshaw

    Have a fabulous and enlighting Camino! Safe and Happy Trails!!


  2. Great memories. We had some times, huh?


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