34 Days Left

In 34 days I board a flight to Madrid. I arrive in Spain the next day and the day after that I will begin walking the Camino Frances once again.

I am tremendously excited to once again be fortunate enough to walk this pilgrimage.

This time is slightly different. This time I am walking for donations to The Tucson Wildlife Center. I will post their website once the on-line donation screen is set up for any of my followers who would like to pledge to this wonderful non-profit organization.

It is quite hard to train in the heat of southern Arizona during the summer, but I am forcing myself to complete a 6 mile hike each morning.

I like to walk the unpaved roads just a short distance from my home since I am avoiding the Saguaro National Park (remember I happened upon a diamondback in May in the park).

Some day I hope to own a home in one of these neighborhoods, but that is another topic for some other time.


These roads have homes on generous amounts of property. Many homeowners own horses.


And yappy dogs, but for the most part when I walk these neighborhoods, I don’t encounter other people. That’s probably because they have more sense to stay indoors in the heat!

7 responses to “34 Days Left

  1. Selene, great to see where you’re walking, and the pictures.

    I hope you’re walking in the early mornings, before the sun gets too fierce.

    6 mls is a long way, and doing that regularly will get you very fit, but it seems you are already!



    • I try to get out before 6 am. Unfortunately it is usually more like 7 or 7:30. I guess it is true “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”



  2. Way to go Arlene, you must be getting excited. And what a great way to support a local group. We leave for Spain on August 31 so will be a week or so ahead of you. If we travel slower, with a few rest days, we may meet up. I will keep watching your blog for your progress. Buen Camino, Peter


  3. Peter,
    I will be starting in Logrono, so you never know, we may just meet up!
    Buen Camino to you also!


  4. I do not start my Camino my first till May but I feel the excitement in your posts and I am very happy for you and admire and support you from a far blessings les


  5. Arlene,

    I hope you share your Camino from the road? Try staying in the alburgues and hostels this time and walk with groups. It’s a great support base and you get to meet people from all over the world. I treated myself to a hotel stay once a week and you can share the expenses with fellow pilgrims to keep the costs down. I found this very rewarding and I usually felt I earned it. If your back starts giving you trouble like mine did, use Jacotrans to transport your pack to the next destination. It’s about 5 E and they are safe and the next local will have your gear safe and secure.
    Me and some fellow pilgrims I made the trek with are talking about a return trip maybe next year to walk the Camino once again. Anyway, use the Camino to your benefit. It has a lot to offer. At least it did for me. Have a great trip.

    Bien Camino



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