So This Is Christmas – Part II

This is the fourth Christmas I will be spending in the Arizona desert and even though I long for the holidays in a much cooler climate, I decided to put together a gathering of my neighbors for the holiday.  Much to my surprise everybody invited showed up.  Even Santa and Mrs. Claus dropped by for the festivities.

The intention was to serve just wine and cheese, but as so often happens when entertaining – the table became a groaning board of many tidbits.  There was, of course, cheese and crackers then I thought I needed some olives.  The purchase of the olives lead to the addition of marinated artichoke hearts, roasted yellow peppers, sweet red peppers, fire roasted peppers and tomato brushetta.  I then added to the table a platter of Italian deli meats and veggies with three different dips.  And, just for a nice added touch, I wrapped figs in Jambon Serrano (Spanish cured ham).  

The food was plenty and the wine was flowing freely.  I believe all those attending had a nice time.  I am very glad I decided to have this holiday gathering – I love, love, love to entertain!

Merry Christmas, everyone.  And may the New Year bring much happiness and wonder!

One response to “So This Is Christmas – Part II

  1. Ho, Ho, Ho!

    Great pictures! Everything looks scrumptious, sorry to have missed it!

    You look great!

    Merry Christmas!
    XO Tami


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